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Motorcycle Clothing

Helmet, leather gloves, motorcycle boots, jacket and pants, balaclawa, waist herness.

Other Clothing

Hiking boots, sandals, convertible pants, magic belt with money compartment, swimsuit, T-Shirt, long sleeve shirt, thermal pants and shirt, 5 pairs of underwear, 6 pairs of socks, polar sweater, cap.


All purpose soap, lip balm, shampoo, shaving set, toothbrush and paste, nail clipper, toilet paper, sunscreen, eye drops, towel.

Camping Gear

Tent or bivac, sleeping bag, Therm-a-rest mattress, stove with gas container, cooking pot, plate and cup, silverware, headlight, multi-purpose torch, Swiss Army Knife, two canteens (1 and 2 L), mosquito and insect repellent, olive oil container, salt, pepper, other foods (rice, lentils, coffee, sugar, can of tomato sauce, etc.), rag for cleaning dishes, matches, rubber bands.

First Aid Kit

Malaria pills, constipation pills, diarrhea pills, motion sickness pills, anthistaminic pills, flu antibiotics, aspirin, Band-Aids, sterile bandages, syringe, sterile gloves, mosquito bite relief.

Tank Bag and Pocket Items

Sun glasses, small compass, writing book and pen, reading book, cheap watch, motorcycle lock, cigarettes and lighter, extra keys, sewing kit, maps, document folder, “stealable” wallet with expired credit cards, money belt, pepper spray.


Inter-helmet communicators, outlet adapter, GPS, batteries, digital camera, I-pod, memory cards, usb drive.

Motorcycle Tools And Spare Kits

Your Motorcyle’s repair kit, tire repair kit with inflator and gauge, wire cutter, magnet, epoxy glue, silicone sealer, lube, electric wire, zip ties, cable ties, electrician tape, duct tape, nylon rope, terrycloth, chain lube, 1 liter engine oil, spare fuse, spare bulb, spare spark plug, oil filter, nuts and bolts that fit on your bike, gasoline tube (1m), extra gasoline container, motorcycle repair manual, user manual.