When it comes to recording the trip, I have serious considerations. I’ve done quite a few trips so far. The visual documentation has always been an issue. The problem is usually with the time and effort it takes to make a proper recording. When you have a decent sized tripod and a full feature camera, it’s very easy to skip a good moment just because you are tired. Camera equipment is also a big weight and risk. It can easily be stolen or damaged. I also think the quality is secondary to the quantity of footage in this case. I don’t remember too many instances where I was sorry about the focus or framing. But I do remember not having any records of those long and hard bits. With this in mind, I’ve been looking into solid state cameras with no moving parts. They are much smaller because they record on flash discs.

So here are my criteria for the ideal camera.

• At least 720 Progressive High Definition.

• No moving parts.

• Chargeable from my tank bag via USB or a small adapter.

• Removable or abundant storage media. I can carry a compact external drive but I may not have access to a computer for days or even weeks. No I won’t carry a computer.

• Largely recognized video format. MP4, MPG, or MOV. for uploads on YouTube. I can’t process any video on an old computer running Russian Windows.

• Preferably with some zoom. Optical would be great but then I get moving parts…

• Light. Mountable on handlebar or helmet. Mini Tripod.

So far, the best option seems to be Flip Mino HD.

The ‘only’ downside of this camera is that the storage is built in and is limited to 1 hour. All the other features are available. If I go with this camera, I may have to be very brief with my video-diaries in Mongolia.