I haven't felt this much excitement for a long time. Less than a week remains now. I come across the bike every day when I park the car behind it. A rush of fear and excitement fills me as I look at it. I don't see a 1000cc class M vehicle... I see the journey that lies ahead and it's too much to take in. Within a few seconds, I get overflown by this feeling and decide to attend some of the preparation intricacies. Focusing on details helps when you want to get away from the big picture. Three weeks ago, ...Read More

After watching another mind boggling documentary depicting the scale of universe, I decided that it's ridiculous to debate on the existence of other life forms. The sheer amount of the physical space and the phenomena within it is so large that it makes more sense to try to evaluate if the flying elephants are outnumbered by the self-conscious orchids. Simply put, my ability to come up with any kind of nonsensical beings, living or not, is maybe a minute fraction of the variety already available out there. For exactly the same reason, getting excited with the idea is a pathetic ...Read More