What you plan and what you end up with are two separate things. So I have here two lines showing both. The red line represents the actual route. Blue line is the route I had in mind before the departure. I’ll keep updating this page as I go. Once I get back home, I’ll prepare a detailed itinerary displaying my daily progress. For now, this is good enough. Check back again later…

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It’s very hard to estimate the time required for this route. I think it’s going to take me anywhere between 3.5 months to 6 months to do this. Here is a rough breakdown:

  • America 10-15
  • Atlantic Crossing 5-10
  • Europe 15-30
  • Break/Major Bike Service (Turkey) 10-15
  • Asia 45-90
  • Pacific Crossing 5-10

And here is the reality:

  • America 11
  • Atlantic Crossing 5
  • Europe 30
  • Break/Major Bike Service/Visas (Turkey) 30
  • Asia 75
  • Pacific Crossing 4