Below is a list I made earlier for a group trip that never happened. I need to update this.


A solid luggage solution is necessary if you want to keep your stuff tidy and protected. Touratech, Zega, Hepco and Becker, Givi and SW Motech are some of the most reliable ones. Lockable and quick-release ones are preferable.

Top Case

A top case is the best way to expand your storage. It uses the rear rack of your bike and gives extra support for items you may want to tie on the back. Use the top case for most valuable and fragile items. It’s less likely to break on a crash and away from water.

Tank Bag

Tank bags are great for quick-reach items. Some of them have transparent water resistant map pockets. Ease of removal is important when filling the tank and leaving the bike alone.

Crash Bars

It will probably happen and you will be thankfull.

Wind Shield

Wind noise and rain takes away from the joy of riding. No need to go Goldwing on this… Just get a long distance one or adjust your stock shield for maximum protection and minimum buffeting.

Center Stand

These are good for on-site maintenance. You can lift both tires up if you have a centerstand.

Skid Plate

If you are not sure about your bike’s ground clearance, this item can give you peace of mind on rough terrain.

Fog Lights

You will use it on those twisting foggy mountain roads.

12 V Adapter Plug

Many electronic gadgets make use of a 12 V outlet. Fit one on your bike and connect it to the battery. It will give you freedom. Powerlet has some options. And they ship internationally.


Secured parking may not always be an option. We will not be sleeping too far from our bikes most of the time. It may be worth it.


Not absolutely necessary. Most of the C.A. countries are not available as GPS maps. But the device will help to find our location on a traditional map in case we get lost. Garmin is the leading brand. Zumo 550 is their motorcycle specific brand. Another mc specific brand is TomTom Rider 2. Both are weatherproof and glove friendly. Number of waypoints and computer compatibility should be considered…

Bungee Cords and Elastic Net

Everything may not fit in the bags. Tents sleeping bags and matresses are light and large items. You will need to tie them on.