Somewhere between Thessaloniki and Kavala, I missed the highway exit and the road took me about 20 kilometers inland. I wanted to camp on the seaside but there weren’t any roads on the map. However, there seemed to be a thin road barely visible over the mountains. I decided to take it. After a few kilometers, I arrived at a hut where the road seemed to disintegrate. I took a few uncertain turns and found it again. Climbing further up, this time I ended up near a TV antenna tower. Apparently, the road existed for the construction of this tower and did not continue beyond it. Then I heard some goat bells and followed the sound. The shepherd was quite surprised to see me. I explained him where I wanted to go and he gave me directions. All in sign language… I told him my name and asked his. He said “Tanr─▒”, which means God in most Asian languages. I followed his directions and found the road that took me towards the sea. Campgrounds in Greece are mostly on the seaside. They cater to locals who want to spend the weekends. It didn’t exactly feel like heaven, but I found a nice place to spend the night. There were a few other RV’s and tents scattered around. I took a swim, had a shower, cooked something to eat and retired to my tent. Before I fell into sleep, a funny paranoia entertained me. I could be dead! I wouldn’t have known if it were a sudden accident on the freeway. The ascend towards the mountain, the shepherd and the heavenly campground I ended up all made perfect sense… I wouldn’t mind it as long as I could keep on riding tomorrow.