I had to do some mechanical work today. There were some accessories to install. PIAA halogen lights, a speedometer correction gadget, a skid plate, handles, handguards, and a carrier rack… But most important was a gas leak I duscovered the other day. I lifted the tank to see below, found nothing there, followed the gas feed pipe down to the fuel injection system, removed the air filter to expose the throttle bodies and finally got to the injectors. I didn’t like what I saw. Here are some pictures:

It looks like I need to order a new injector.

Overall, I spent 12 hours on the bike. When I took everything apart, it looked a bit scary. I wasn’t even sure if I could put it back together. But I did. It’s a nice feeling to achieve something beyond my abilities.

But still, I need an injector so I have to take it to the dealer on Monday.