The Dong Chun itself is like a piece of the far eastern land. The ship and the crew is very Chinese. It operates between Zarubino, Russia and Sokco, South Korea. For me, it was a way of skipping North Korea as there is no way of riding a motorcycle as a foreigner in this weird country. The lights of the seaside towns was all I could see of it.

The voyage takes about 16 hours excluding the amazingly long waiting time as they load and unload cargo. It took about 7 hours to leave the port of Zarubino.

It’s not cheap. Customs fees on both ends, freight, passenger ticket, insurance, document preparation, import tax and even something called stamp fee, totals up to nearly 700 dollars. That is with the economy class, where you sleep on the floor…

I met three young Russian guys who seemed to think that vodka was the best cure for long hours of waiting. We got drunk even before the ship had left the port.