I was at Leif's this weekend. He was nice enough to spend his Sunday with me in the shop working on the bike. We installed the new shock and rerouted the electrical cable for the halogen lights. It doesn't sound much when you say it like that but this took almost all day. The Wilbers preload adjuster is not designed to go in the standard location on a V-Strom. Leif took his time to manufacture a steel bracket to host the adjuster on the original place. This is his art, and he does it with pleasure. I like people who give themselves to what they do. You can see it in everything they do. He had spent most of his time last few years on developing a clutch system. Patented and all... I saw the part. It is simply amazing. I can easily say that it is the most precise ...Read More

I started reading Geoff Thomas' blog. Poor Circulation is the name. I don't know where he got it from but here is the story he told the Iron Tigers in Vladivostok on a Vodka Night. Asil was a Turkish boy with two passions in life; Motorcycles and Travelling. After finishing college, disillusioned with his lot in Turkey and the prospect of completing his National Service in the army, he packed his motorcycle with all of his belongings and began his journey. He travelled all across Europe, through North and South America, … down into the centre of Africa and eventually into Mongolia. In Mongolia he discovered that his Turkish passport was about to expire and so visited the Turkish Embassy in order to have it renewed. Unfortunately the embassy realised that Asil had avoided his compulsory year of National Service in the army and refused to renew his passport unless he ...Read More

After watching another mind boggling documentary depicting the scale of universe, I decided that it's ridiculous to debate on the existence of other life forms. The sheer amount of the physical space and the phenomena within it is so large that it makes more sense to try to evaluate if the flying elephants are outnumbered by the self-conscious orchids. Simply put, my ability to come up with any kind of nonsensical beings, living or not, is maybe a minute fraction of the variety already available out there. For exactly the same reason, getting excited with the idea is a pathetic thing to do. This is definitely not about us. What is an excited human in comparison to a smoking fish? Instead, we should all read Douglas Adams and laugh at our own insignificance...Read More