I was at Leif's this weekend. He was nice enough to spend his Sunday with me in the shop working on the bike. We installed the new shock and rerouted the electrical cable for the halogen lights. It doesn't sound much when you say it like that but this took almost all day. The Wilbers preload adjuster is not designed to go in the standard location on a V-Strom. Leif took his time to manufacture a steel bracket to host the adjuster on the original place. This is his art, and he does it with pleasure. I like people who give themselves to what they do. You can see it in everything they do. He had spent most of his time last few years on developing a clutch system. Patented and all... I saw the part. It is simply amazing. I can easily say that it is the most precise ...Read More

There is a separation. There are two separate reasons/effects of my behavior. One is being out there. The other is not being here. Being out there is OK; at least understandable. Exciting, new etc... It's also normal. The other one is not as easy.I had a bad day today. I've been through these thoughts many times. It always comes down to this; I don't have a story. I did not write my story. I've purposely, always stayed away from my own story. When I had to write something, I kept myself out of it. I never allowed myself to become the subject. Collecting is story-making. I refrained from that too. I threw everything away. Books, photographs, paintings, texts, even people. I felt like; when I threw it all away, what remained was me, myself...When I look behind, all the decisions I've made in the past seem very economical. They are ...Read More