I’m looking for a word… It’s not exactly ‘geography’. It’s more like the movement of it. Not just the tectonic movements over a given time, but also the movements on the surface of it. Water, wind, roads… I feel like the roads we’re riding on are prerecorded movements mimicking those of the land. Highway 70 goes through the Rocky mountains following Colorado river. For about 4 hours, we rode along the river following every curve of it. This must be a motorcycling dream.

Today was our last night with Bintuğ. Tomorrow morning, he’ll be returning to Los Angeles. His companion made this transition much easier for me. We had great time together.

Surprisingly, I’m having a hard time catching up with the documentation of the trip. I think all of these habits will settle in a week or so… Here are some recent photographs:

And here is a short video preview of the first 4 days of the trip. I hope to develop my video editing abilities. Currently, it consists of cutting and pasting in Quicktime clips…