When it comes to recording the trip, I have serious considerations. I've done quite a few trips so far. The visual documentation has always been an issue. The problem is usually with the time and effort it takes to make a proper recording. When you have a decent sized tripod and a full feature camera, it's very easy to skip a good moment just because you are tired. Camera equipment is also a big weight and risk. It can easily be stolen or damaged. I also think the quality is secondary to the quantity of footage in this case. ...Read More

I found a perfect combo. The traditional Islamic prayer socks; Mes, and off-road crocs. I like wearing crocs on a campspot after riding all day in heavy boots. They are flexible and pack light. The only downside was that they are not convertible to warm shoes when your feet get cold at night. Taking another set of shoes would be too much. So I use these leather socks inside the crocs. Breathable, warm, flexible. Now I can take the crocs off to get into the tent or while dressing. And I can still wear them alone walking in rivers or swimming. East ...Read More