Below is a list I made earlier for a group trip that never happened. I need to update this. Panniers A solid luggage solution is necessary if you want to keep your stuff tidy and protected. Touratech, Zega, Hepco and Becker, Givi and SW Motech are some of the most reliable ones. Lockable and quick-release ones are preferable. Top Case A top case is the best way to expand your storage. It uses the rear rack of your bike and gives extra support for items you may want to tie on the back. Use the top case for most valuable and fragile items. It's ...Read More

Motorcycle Clothing Helmet, leather gloves, motorcycle boots, jacket and pants, balaclawa, waist herness. Other Clothing Hiking boots, sandals, convertible pants, magic belt with money compartment, swimsuit, T-Shirt, long sleeve shirt, thermal pants and shirt, 5 pairs of underwear, 6 pairs of socks, polar sweater, cap. Toiletries All purpose soap, lip balm, shampoo, shaving set, toothbrush and paste, nail clipper, toilet paper, sunscreen, eye drops, towel. Camping Gear Tent or bivac, sleeping bag, Therm-a-rest mattress, stove with gas container, cooking pot, plate and cup, silverware, headlight, multi-purpose torch, Swiss Army Knife, two canteens (1 and 2 L), mosquito and insect repellent, olive oil container, salt, pepper, other foods ...Read More

I'm starting to dislike this acronym. Round The World. Because that's not what I'll be doing. I'm going to ride my bike. I'll move westward because I don't want to face the sun. I'll probably do it for such a long time that it won't be economical to turn around. The world is round. I just want to ride it. Hereon, RTW stands for "Ride The World"... Read More

The list is not very long. I'll update this page. Bike upgrades and Accessories Rear Suspension, Front Suspension, Speedo Healer, Skidplate, Handguards, Oil Filler Cap, Auxiliary lights, Continental TKC 80 Tires, Battery, Extra Gas Capacity, Oil Canister, Disc Lock Alarm. Clothing Enduro Boots, Rain cover for boots, Helmet, Pants, Hat for mosquito net, Electronic Equipment GPS Maps, Spot, Computer Tools Tire Irons, Inner tubes, Compact mushroom plug kit, Service Major service is done at 14.000. Bike feels good now. Next service is probably before I head out. Paperwork Vehicle Registration and photocopies, Drivers Licence and laminated copies, International Driving Permit, Passport Extension, Greencard insurance for EU Visas See list of countries en ...Read More